Float the Idea


At Float the Idea, we offer our guests a chance to unwind, both body and mind. 

But – why are we doing this?

…How did it all start?

Stage 1: We tried a float

Stage 2: We thought it was awesome

Stage 3: We thought it could be even better

Stage 4: We figured out how to make it better

Stage 5: We made it better…you’re welcome 😛

We decided that floating should be accessible to everyone. Everyone in our lives, everyone we’ve met can get something meaningful from a float and floating seems so simple. We decided there had to be a way to make it affordable to more people, so we did some research.

A float tank is incredibly simple, yet unbelievably complex. There are so many options and factors to consider, but in the end, they must all have a few key elements that work perfectly. Building a tank that’s comfortable for a variety of individuals of all shapes and sizes, and doesn’t feel stuffy and claustrophobic while being able to block sound and light is not as simple as it may seem from the start. After extensive research and comparison shopping, we found the perfect tanks and manufacturer:

Enter Escape Pod Tanks, and the incredibly awesome, Mr. Jeremy Warner.

Click here to learn more about our tanks.

As we continued floating, we learned more about ways to complement the experience. Sometimes, after an especially good float, I would feel nervous about going back to my normal stressful life. I didn’t want to lose the bliss I had found. I sometimes wanted a little direction after my float to ease me back to reality without losing the sense of peace I just found.

We decided we wanted a way to truly awaken our senses after using the float to bring them to baseline, and we found the Sunlighten mPulse series full spectrum Infrared Sauna (FSIR).

The mPulse not only provides healthy radiant IR heat like the sun without the harmful UV, it also comes with options to stimulate your eyes and ears. The SoSound Hearts provide the relaxing vibrations of Acoustic Resonance Therapy (A.R.T.) and the Chromotherapy light allows you to target specific goals for your wellness. You can even customize the sauna session itself with one of the seven built in wellness sessions developed through years of scientific study.

Click here to learn more about the mPulse Sauna

Click here to learn more about A.R.T.

Click here to learn more about Chromotherapy

After your session in our sauna, you’ve awakened touch, sight and sound.

You step out of your private room and come to our tea bar and alkaline atmospheric water generator. Here you can enjoy fresh clean delicious alkaline water and quality teas from around the world.

Awaken taste and smell.

At Float the Idea, we welcome you to our House for a complete experience.

  • You can study in our library before your float.
  • You can lounge in our living room to quietly process your experience (decorated with work from local artists using your contributions).
  • You can create in our play room after you get the creative juices going during your float.