Float the Idea

When are you opening?!?

“So… When are you opening??”

We get this question a LOT. We love each and every time we see it and get frustrated every time we have to say that frankly, we don’t know.

The variable that we can’t control that is impacting our opening is that Florida regulates our Float Tanks as swimming pools.

This means that our single person, 200 gallon, 10 inch deep, salt solution filled float tanks are considered the same as 100,000 Olympic swimming pools and water parks.

…I don’t know about you, but I really don’t want to float under the gaze of the state mandated lifeguard that the rules require.

Thankfully the Health Department has a way to get around these sections of the code that don’t work, health departments will often issue what’s called a “variance,” which basically just means an exception to the rule. Sometimes variances can just remove rules (like the requirement of having a lifeguard on duty), and sometimes they can put another rule in its place. The “continuous filtration” rule is often changed to filtration between customers, which is how most float tanks operate.

Dealing with the variance process is a slow and laborious task. It’s like dealing with the baby of perpetual middle management and poor communications, but we should be ready to open before the end of the month as we are waiting for the final sign off from the local State Health Department!

With that said… we do have some amazing deals posted to our Indie gogo page for people who can’t wait to get salty with us!

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